Merge 2 LTA Advantage Accounts

If you have inadvertently created a duplicate LTA Advantage Account you must ask the LTA to merge the duplicate accounts so that you only have one. It causes enormous issues if you have 2 accounts especially, for the player. Here’s what you MUST do; Contact the LTA Support Team.

Resolve an “Unknown Player” and avoid a £10 fine

The home captain entering results for a match will be able to see all the LTA registered players for the relevant clubs. If a player is not visible for either team, the home captain can locate a player for each team using the ‘Add player’ option, second from the top on the drop down player […]

Avoid a fine for:

Late upload of a match result – £10 fine for each occurrence, Rule 14.1.2, 14.1.3 and Appendix E. 6.  All home captains must upload the result, as specified in the instructions in Appendix C, within 72 hours of the match being played. If the match was postponed due to poor weather, please inform the relevant […]

Enter a match result

1. Locate the website 2. Login using your own personal LTA Advantage username and password (top right hand corner and then LTA member login). If you have forgotten your Username and/or Password, please follow the relevant links. You MUST NOT create a new account. This causes all sorts of issues for you and the […]

Add a team member before a match – club administrators

Club administrators (or match secretaries) can add players to teams before the season starts or during the season. 1. Login to your personal LTA account. 2. Select the club administrator icon on the left of the screen – you will now see your club page with your entry in the NECLTL. 3. Click on the […]

Check a Match Result

There is no formal facility to confirm a match result for an away captain. Within 3 days of the match date, the home captain should enter and save a result, and also inform the away captain that the results are ready to be checked.   Within 3 days of being told the results are ready […]

Add your venue (your tennis club) to your personal LTA account

Match/Tennis Secretaries; Please ensure that all your team players have your tennis club as a venue on their personal account otherwise they cannot play in any NECLTL matches and the relevant NECLTL Match Secretary will be unable to add them to your Club List/Team List. Note: players can have multiple “venues” on their personal account […]

Report a match result irregularity

If there are any issues with the uploaded result, (scores and/or players and pairings), which cannot be resolved by the captains, either captain should inform the League Match Secretary, preferably within 6 days of the match date. Any unknown players must be resolved within 7 days of the match date and the League Match Secretary […]

Add players to your teams

A home captain can now add a player to their team themselves at any point in the season – but ONLY when uploading a result. A home captain can also add a new player to the away team when inputting the results for a match. This can be done using the ‘Add player’ option. A club administrator […]

Review the new LTA League Planner – LTA guides and videos

The system we use to input results, view players and manage the divisions (the LTA League Planner) was upgraded on the 8th May. In order to help captains and club administrators understand how to use this new system, the LTA have created a series of short ‘how to’ guides and videos: Step-by-step Guides  Team captains: Adding a match result […]