If you have inadvertently created a duplicate LTA Advantage Account you must ask the LTA to merge the duplicate accounts so that you only have one. It causes enormous issues if you have 2 accounts especially, for the player.

Here’s what you MUST do;

Contact the LTA Support Team.

  1. Click on Advantage Membership.
  2. Click on Manage My Advantage.
  3. Click on Updating My Details.
  4. At the bottom, there’s a box; Still need more information?
  5. Click on Submit Enquiry.
  6. Fill in the boxes with your personal details.
  7. In the ‘How can we help you’ box, tell them you have 2 LTA Advantage Account Numbers and that you want them merged to just one account. You must quote both LTA Advantage Account numbers.
  8. Press submit enquiry.
  9. This could take up to 7 days – be patient!
  10. Once they have merged them, you will receive an email from LTA Support to confirm this.
  11. You must then advise your Club Membership Secretary as to which number is the correct one.
  12. You must also advise the relevant NECLTL Match Secretary, who will also check your records for you. 
  13. Tell other members in your club NOT to get 2 accounts!