Avoid a fine for;

Late upload of a match result – £10 fine for each occurrence, Rule 14.1.2, 14.1.3 and Appendix E. 6.  All home captains must upload the result, as specified in the instructions in Appendix C, within 72 hours of the match being played. If the match was postponed due to poor weather, please add a note […]

Resolve an “Unknown Player” and avoid a £10 fine

Home captain: when uploading a result, if you have an “Unknown Player” on your own team, please press the “Save” button (to save the work you have done already), then go to your Team List, add the player from your Club List and then continue uploading the result. Away captain: if the home captain cannot […]

How to rearrange a fixture

Rule 23 – REARRANGING POSTPONED MATCHES When offering opponents new dates there are few things to consider: 1. The home team must offer 3 weekday dates in 3 separate weeks. (Friday evenings are considered to be an acceptable weekday.) 2. The home team can offer weekend dates in addition to the 3 weekday dates. 3. Dates from 1-14 […]

Add players to your Club List and Team List (after the season has started).

You must add the majority of your team players to each team prior to the season start. Once the season commences you will have to request new players be added to your club by contacting the respective NECLTL Match Secretary. (At LEAST 48 HOURS notice must be given.)  To do this, we need the following […]

Forgotten your LTA log in details?

(ONLY THE PLAYER CAN CARRY OUT THESE INSTRUCTIONS – THE NECLTL MATCH SECRETARIES ARE NOT AUTHORISED TO DO SO.) Please contact the LTA’s Technical Support Centre if you have forgotten your username and/or password. Please DO NOT create a brand new LTA Advantage account as this may cause multiple issues when captains are uploading the […]

Guidelines for players moving down to a lower team.

In January the NECLTL Committee sent a document to all club’s match/tennis secretaries which shows the team a player is tied to for the forthcoming season. Please refer to this document first before contacting the NECLTL Match Secretaries. We appreciate that some players will be moving down to a lower team. Please refer to the […]

How to…. organise your fixtures 2024

Captains; This does not have to be a mad scramble all on one night – you have 14 days in which to organise your fixtures! On the 5th February 2024 your club’s Match Secretary will receive an email from the NECLTL Committee explaining the full procedure. Your Match Secretary should forward this email to all […]

How to register for an LTA Advantage account. 

Go to Fill in the boxes and follow the online instructions, (it is recommended that you sign up for a free account especially if you are new to the LTA). You will receive a verification email, follow the instructions and then you will be able to log on to your account. (Please make a note/save […]