Please refer to Rules 19.1.3 and 19.1.4
Please check that all your players on your CLUB List have been added to the relevant TEAM(s) lists before playing in a match. There is a £10 fine for each and every occurrence if the home captain cannot find a player on your team list and has no alternative but to enter ”Unknown Player”.

To add an existing player from your CLUB list to a TEAM list, please follow these instructions;

Log on to the LTA website using your clubs unique log in details – make sure you use the ”Admin” log in box and not the personal log in box. Click on the blue log in box, you should now see your club’s administrators name.
Depending on your settings, (from previously logging in), your computer may take you directly to the current North East Cheshire Lawn Tennis League. If it doesn’t, click on ”Menu” in the top right hand corner and select Leagues, then choose the current North East Cheshire Lawn Tennis League. Click on ”Clubs” (white text and pale blue background), you should then be viewing your club’s details.

Click on “Teams” (blue text and white background), then select the team you wish to add the player to. Click on ”Players” (blue text and white background), click on ”Add Player” and then select the player from the drop down list and press the “Save” button. Return back to your team list to see that the player has beed added successfully.

If you see the letter “R” next to a player’s name, in either red, green or grey, please ignore it. (It’s a random feature that the LTA have included – it does not affect any player’s status whatsoever.)
If you need help please send an email to the relevant League Match secretary;

Val Bowen; NECLTL Ladies Match Secretary;



Martin Sharman; NECLTL Mens Match Secretary;