1. Late upload of a match result – £10 fine for each occurrence, Rule 14.1.2, 14.1.3 and Appendix E. 6.  All home captains must upload the result, as specified in the instructions in Appendix C, within 72 hours of the match being played.
  2. Unknown Player – £10 fine for each occurrence, Rule 19.1.4 and Appendix E.6.  When uploading the result the home captain must be able to find all the players on the home team list and the away team list.  All players must be on the relevant Team List before playing in a match, please could both home and away captains please ensure that this is done.  If a home team player is on the Club List but not on the Team list, please move them to the relevant team before uploading the result.  Likewise, if the home team captain can’t find an away team player, out of courtesy, please contact the away team captain to resolve the issue before entering “Unknown Player”.  If the home team captain is halfway through uploading the result, you can press the “Save” button whilst the information is obtained.  If, after 31st March, a player is not on the Club List then they must be added by the relevant NECLTL Match Secretary by giving them the name and BTM number of the player and confirmation that they have your club on their venue list.
  3. Unconfirmed Match – £10 fine for each occurrence, Rule 14.1.4 & Appendix E.6.  Once the home captain has uploaded the result, the away team captain has a further 72 hours in which to confirm the score by carefully checking the players’ names and pairings and that the scores are accurate. 
  4. Non-completion of the official Slazenger Match Card – £10 fine for each occurrence, Rule 14.1.5. Ensure that an official Match Card is completed at every match. To print a copy, use this link, 
  5. Late Subscription Payment – Double fine, Rule 11.2. Please ensure that your club pays the subscription amount by 1st May as detailed in the invoice sent to your club’s Tennis/Match Secretary (the invoice is usually sent in late March). Clubs who do not pay will be charged double the total amount; i.e. £20 per team x 6 teams, invoice paid on time = £120. Invoice not paid on time = £240.  Don’t get caught out! 

The NECLTL Committee would prefer not to issue your club/team with a fine or other penalty. If you need any help with any aspect please contact the relevant NECLTL Match Secretary – we are here to help.