Sad News from the NECLTL Committee

It is with great sadness we report the passing of Barry Oswald, President NECLTL, past Honorary Secretary and valued Executive Committee member for over 40 years. Barry, 81 years, sadly passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday 2nd November 2022 whilst in hospital. Barry’s interests included Tennis, Salsa dancing and socialising, always enjoying a beer. A life […]

Hale Ladies Win LTA Cheshire Champions League

Congratulations to Hale Ladies on winning the Cheshire County Ladies Champions League.  It shows the high standard of tennis that we have being played in the NECLTL.   Click below for full details on the LTA Cheshire Website Click here From left to right – Liz Sweeting (LTA Cheshire President), Alice Kraunsoe, Pheobe Mirchell (crouched […]

Northern win the 2022 Acton Cup

Congratulations to The Northern on winning the 2022 Acton Cup. The final was hosted by West Heaton, their second time in the Acton Cup final in the 64 year history of the competition. The Northern Team with NECLTL Chairman Steve Thompson and Barry Oswald, the NECLTL President and member of West Heaton Left to right […]

Didsbury win the 2022 Acton Plate

Congratulations to Didsbury on winning the 2022 Acton Plate, hosted at Didsbury.  Heyes Grove put up a valiant performance in their first Acton Plate final.  The Didsbury Team with NECLTL Chairman Steve Thompson Left to right – Steve Thompson Chairman NECLTL, Rowan McDade, Simon Gallanders, Devon Bahnemann, Jon Thompson, Nicki Cameron, Catherine McBurnie, Louise Goodwin, […]

Add a new player to your CLUB list

Please refer to Rules 19.1.2 – 19.1.4 (Failure to include a player(s) on the TEAM list will result in a £10 fine for each occurrence.) Once the season has started only the NECLTL Mens or Ladies Match Secretaries can add a new player to your CLUB list. To do this, the team captain or other […]

Add a player from your Club List to a Team List

Please refer to Rules 19.1.3 and 19.1.4Please check that all your players on your CLUB List have been added to the relevant TEAM(s) lists before playing in a match. There is a £10 fine for each and every occurrence if the home captain cannot find an away player on your team list and has no […]

Change of surname

Captains must use a player’s surname, (and first name), exactly as it appears on the player’s personal LTA account when filling in the match card and uploading the result. Please could both the home and away captains fill in the match card with the surname of their players as it appears on the player’s personal […]

Playing Down Guidelines

This is the statement issued at the beginning of the season to captains who have players moving to different teams – but it still applies at any point of the season. (Just substitute the team name to suit your own club’s circumstances. i.e. 2nd team to 3rd team, 3rd team to 4th team etc…). The […]

Confirm a Match Result

Please read Rule 14.1.4 and the specific step-by step instructions in Appendix C 4 and C 5. Away captains will be fined if the match result is not confirmed within the stated time frame. There is a £10 fine for each and every occurrence for not confirming a match result. To confirm a match, log […]

Report a match result irregularity

Away Captain: DO NOT confirm a match result if there are any irregularities. If the score is incorrect or if any of the players names are incorrect, the away captain must not “confirm” the match. If an away player has been listed as an ”Unknown Player”, or the wrong name has been selected by the […]