Congratulations to The Northern on winning the 2022 Acton Cup. The final was hosted by West Heaton, their second time in the Acton Cup final in the 64 year history of the competition.

The Northern Team with NECLTL Chairman Steve Thompson and Barry Oswald, the NECLTL President and member of West Heaton

Left to right – Steve Thompson Chairman NECLTL, Danielle Pym, Louise Hollum, Greg Caterer, Jason Tonge, Jonnie Kinsella, Jorge Abarca, Sarah-Kate O’Grady, Amy Ellis, Barry Oswald President NECLTL

West Heaton Team

 Hannah McLean (Ladies Singles)

Willam Armitage (Men’s Singles)

Helen Barker (Ladies Doubles)

Alison Sharman (Ladies Doubles)

Chris Philpott (Men’s Doubles)

Cameron Paris (Men’s Doubles)

Sofia Milone (Mixed Doubles)

John Healey (Mixed Doubles)

Northern Team

Amy Ellis (Ladies Singles)

Greg Caterer (Men’s Singles)

Danielle Pym (Ladies Doubles)

Sarah-Kate O’Grady (Ladies Doubles)

Johnie Kinsella (Men’s Doubles)

Jason Tonge (Men’s Doubles)

Louise Holtum (Mixed Doubles)

Jorge Abarca (Mixed Doubles)