Please refer to Rules 19.1.2 – 19.1.4 (Failure to include a player(s) on the TEAM list will result in a £10 fine for each occurrence.)

Once the season has started only the NECLTL Mens or Ladies Match Secretaries can add a new player to your CLUB list. To do this, the team captain or other authorised club official, must send an email to the relevant NECLTL Match Secretary in good time before the match, stating the player’s name, their BTM number and confirmation that the player has the club as their venue on their personal LTA account.

Once the new player request has been made, the relevant NECLTL Match Secretary will add your new player to your CLUB list. It is then up to the captains or other club official to ensure that they move these players into the appropriate TEAM list(s) before they play in a match. Please follow the instructions; How to add a player from your CLUB list to your TEAM(s) list.

If you need help please contact the relevant League Match Secretary:
Val Bowen; NECLTL Ladies Match Secretary;

John Collins; NECLTL Mens Match Secretary;