Please refer to the relevant parts of Rule 23

When offering a team a new date due to adverse weather conditions on the original date, there are few things to consider:

1. You must offer 3 weekday dates in 3 separate weeks.

2. You can offer weekend dates in addition to the 3 weekday dates.

3. Dates from 1-14 August cannot be offered until the beginning of July.

4. Look at the opponents calendar and don’t offer them a date when they’ve already got a match. It’s also not ideal if they already have a match either side of one of your offered dates, so please try and avoid those dates too.

5. The opponents must accept one of your offered dates within 7 days. See the relevant parts of Rule 13 and 23.

6. Once the new date has been agreed, please inform the relevant NECLTL Match Secretary who will then update the LTA website.