Captains; This does not have to be a mad scramble all on one night – you have 14 days in which to organise your fixtures!

On the 5th February 2024 your club’s Match Secretary will receive an email from the NECLTL Committee explaining the full procedure. Your Match Secretary should forward this email to all their captains.

The email will contain the following information;

  1. Who your opponents are
  2. Your opponents contact details
  3. Whether your team is home or away (this doesn’t apply to the Premier Division)

Once this email is received, (it will be sent out during the course of the day on 5th February), you can then start to arrange your fixtures, BUT FROM 7PM ONLY – PLEASE DO NOT START ANY EARLIER.  Please use email, telephone or text to PRIVATELY contact your opponents. Once you have organised all your fixtures, send the details back to your club’s Match Secretary who will do the rest for you.

On 7th February 2024 after 7pm, the NECLTL Match Secretaries will be setting up the various WhatsApp Division groups.  These groups are not really for captains to organise their fixtures but primarily for the NECLTL Match Secretaries (and captains) to convey important information, throughout the season, which relates to the specific division.

Please be aware that it takes many hours for the NECLTL Match Secretaries to set up these groups so please could all captains ensure their personal settings on WhatsApp are set for this accordingly. Click on the “Settings” symbol in the right hand bottom corner, click on Privacy, click on Groups, click on “Everyone”. After you have been added to your WhatsApp Division Group you can then change your settings back to your own personal preferences.