Please read Rule 14.1.4 and the specific step-by step instructions in Appendix C 4 and C 5.

Away captains must confirm the result within 6 days of the match being played.

To confirm a match, log on to the LTA website using your clubs unique log in details – make sure you use the ”Admin” log in box and not the personal log in box. Click on the blue log in box, you should now see your club’s administrators name. Depending on your settings, (from previously logging in), your computer may take you directly to the current North East Cheshire Lawn Tennis League. If it doesn’t, click on ”Menu” in the top right hand corner and select Leagues, then chose the current North East Cheshire Lawn Tennis League.
Click on ”Clubs” (white text and pale blue background), then click on your club. You should then be viewing your club’s details. Click on “My Matches” (blue text and white background), then select the team and match you wish to confirm the result for. Carefully check all the players’ names (home and away), then check the scores. If everything is accurate click on the “Confirm results” button at the bottom left hand side. If you want to add a comment, i.e. a player was injured or rain stopped play etc, click on the ”Add comment” box.

Away Captain:  If the score is incorrect or if any of the players names are incorrect, the away captain must not “confirm” the match.

If an away player has been listed as Unknown Player, or the score is incorrect, then the away captain must contact the home captain (we strongly recommend that you make contact by a phone call) to rectify the mistakes. Only when the uploaded details are one hundred percent accurate can a match be confirmed.

Please would all home captains be courteous and send a quick reminder text to the away captain to let them know that the result has been uploaded and is ready to be confirmed.

If the match isn’t confirmed within 6 days of the match being played, it will be confirmed as being correct by the appropriate NECLTL Match Secretary. The score (sets and games), players’ names and the pairing entered by the home captain will be assumed to be correct. Away captains will not be fined if the match result is not confirmed within the stated time frame.

If you need help please send an email to the relevant League Match secretary;

Val Bowen; NECLTL Ladies Match Secretary;



Martin Sharman; NECLTL Mens Match Secretary;