There is no formal facility to confirm a match result for an away captain.

Within 3 days of the match date, the home captain should enter and save a result, and also inform the away captain that the results are ready to be checked.  

Within 3 days of being told the results are ready to be checked, the away captain should check the result and, if they want to, confirm with the home captain that they are satisfied with it.

If there are any issues with player names or the result, either captain should inform the League Match Secretary. However it is the home captain’s responsibility to ensure the away captain is satisfied.

If either captain sees a mistake or inaccurate details, this must be raised with the relevant NECLTL Match Secretary as soon as possible.

Within 7 days of the match date, any unknown players must be resolved (ie. registered with an LTA account and affiliated to the correct club) and the League Match Secretary must be informed.

Please see ‘How to resolve an unknown player’.

If you need any help please contact the relevant League Match Secretary:

Val Bowen; NECLTL Ladies Match Secretary;    or

Martin Sharman; NECLTL Mens Match Secretary;