You must add your team players to each team prior to the season start. Once the season commences you will have to request new players be added to your club by contacting the respective NECLTL Match Secretary. (At LEAST 48 HOURS notice must be given.)

Players MUST have an LTA account and have your club listed a venue on their LTA account. If they don’t you will not be able to add them.

To add players;

    1. Log in as your Club Admin. (See the comprehensive help and guidance document on the ‘How To’ page on the NECLTL website, How To – NECLTL
    2. Go to the Club Team you wish to add players to.
    3. Go to ‘Players’. 
    4. Click ‘Add Players’.
    5. In the search player box on the left type in the name or BTM number of the player, (it may take a few seconds for options to come up that match what you entered).
    6. Click on the player you wish to add to your team and click ‘ADD’.
    7. The player will appear in the ‘Selected Players’ list on the right.
    8. Repeat for ALL players you wish to add and then click ‘Save’.

The players added will now appear in your Club player list, and once the season starts you can easily add them to other teams, so no need to add players to multiple teams at this point.

NOTE: If you can’t find a player it will almost certainly be because their personal account does show not your Club listed as a venue, so please ask them to check and add your club to the personal profile. If the player insists that they have your club as their venue, please ask them to log in to their personal LTA Advantage Account, remove your club under the “Venue” tab, then click on Save and log out. Then log back in again and re-enter your club as the Venue and then Save again.  This will usually sort out the glitch. 

See Add your venue (your tennis club) to your personal LTA account – NECLTL

If you need more help please contact the relevant League Match Secretary:

Val Bowen; NECLTL Ladies Match Secretary; or

Martin Sharman; NECLTL Men’s Match Secretary;