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A Date For Your Diary - The Rose Bowl is on 16th July
Acton Cup Rules 2022

[27-Apr] -  Both the Mens and Ladies NECLTL Match Secretaries are currently inundated with all the new player requests so please ensure you make the request well in advance of the player being selected for a match.

Once the new player request has been made, the relevant NECLTL Match Secretary will add your new player to your CLUB LIST. It is then up to the captains or club match secretaries to move these players into the appropriate TEAM LIST(S) before they play in a match. You can do this by logging on to the LTA website, clicking on your appropriate team, click on Players then Add Player. Click on the drop down box in Select Player then click on player you want to add and then press Save. Failure to include a player(s) on the team list will result in a £10 fine for each occurrence. (Rules 19.1.3 & 19.1.4.] The NECLTL Match Secretaries are here to help if you need further guidance.

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2022 Fixtures
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Acton Cup Final: Congratulations to Hale LTC!