2019 League Rose Bowl Mixed Doubles at West Heaton

The 2019 League Rose Bowl Report Played in “summery” ideal conditions at the end of June at West Heaton. The usual multi-format was employed where each couple will play in their own final against their own equivalent level competition which was decided by their position in the group matches. The top two couples in their respective divisions competed for the Rose Bowl Trophy (Level 1) playing first to 7 games and a tie-break, if necessary, at 6-6. Hale couple, Ben Scapens and Olivia Smith, played Prestbury Village couple, Sean Sivewright and Olivia Brown. A fine competitive match resulted although Prestbury were able to maintain their initial dominance by winning 7 – 4. The winners or the other finals were as follows: Level 2 Bramhall Lane (from Northern); Level 3: Heyes Grove A (from West Heaton A); Level 4: Heaton Mersey (from Davenport); Level 5: Lindow (from West Heaton B); Level 6: Heyes Grove B. Prizes were presented by League Vice–President, Peter Jackson with the West Heaton President, Dr. Joyce Barclay attending the presentation photo. The event was organised by Barry Oswald for the League.

2019 Match Cards


Welcome to the website for the North-East Cheshire Lawn Tennis League. Founded in 1953, the League is located in and around Stockport (south of Manchester), most clubs being situated within an eight mile radius of Bramhall (Stockport). There are forty-two clubs involved, having teams in twenty-one divisions i.e. nine Ladies' divisions and twelve Men's divisions.

Matches are played from the beginning of April through to the end of July, allowing a further fortnight's grace to cover any postponements for bad weather. Mid-week matches commence at 7:0 p.m. for the default 12 set format or 6:30 p.m. for the 18 set format. The former are played to completion and the latter to completion or timed finish, no later than 10 p.m.. Where clubs agree, week-end matches are also played.

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27 Nov 19 League AGM at Davenport T C on Wednesday, 27th. November at 8 pm.

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